A Taste of the #jambojetholidays with @FlyJambojet and @VoyagerBeach_Ke

I visited Mombasa for the very first time courtesy of Jambojet and oh what a treat! Jambojet lends itself as an affordable no frills airline

#MarryMeAtMunyonyo – Getting Married at Speke Resort, Munyonyo

As Uganda continues to lend herself as a top honeymoon destination in the world, her popularity as a wedding destination isn't far behind. A few


Phenomenal Woman

I wrote this 3 years ago after Women's Day... Sometimes I surprise myself. Good to know that my dreams are still valid. Enjoy. While full grown

The girl in this woman...

My Dream Is Colliding With Reality…

I admire writers, always have and always will. Writers have the power to create and to destroy. Writers have started and fought wars. But they


Dearest Juli, Words cannot truly express how your devastating sudden departure has shaken UOT. I feel so terrible for having not made an effort to get