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Chasing Men…

  Finding this photo on the web had me chuckling at the memory of the half marathon I ran the other weekend. Sundays are always way too long for me with nothing much to do. That Sunday, I woke up at 6am, excited about the run and the possibility of a better

Have a big heart!

  I was in a rather charitable mood over the weekend, Sunday to be exact. I took part in the Rotary Cancer Run, a charity run to raise money to complete the Rotary Centenary Cancer Centre at St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya. The good good news is that the money that was

This could be us…

But you're in the parking lot playing with your Samsung Note 3! Most days, I leave my office close to or a little after 10pm because a) I don't have a life b) I'd be sitting out the traffic c) the quality of the sound from my monitor speakers is insane! 

Croissants, abs and other obsessions…

  I just had my third chocolate croissant in less than 24 hours! I am starting to worry about the existence of my pair of abs. Yes, I have only one pair... I love love croissants. No. I LOVE croissants! Here is a secret, one of my favorite pastimes is staring at