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The Versatile Blogger Award

Nev nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. After I had mentally done hundreds of back-flips and front-flips and splits, the panic set in. How am I supposed to share SEVEN facts about myself? The horror! It felt like I had just been asked to scrutinize myself and share my darkest

My Love for #Tanzania

My Love for #Tanzania Setting off... I had always longed to visit Tanzania for as long as I remember. While in primary school, we had a number of students from Tanzania in the boarding section and they used to go back home only once a year, for the  Christmas holiday. Their parents

When Jinja Gave In To The Urge To Dance

Jinja Gave In To The Urge To Dance It's almost three months since Nyege Nyege International Festival took place in Jinja; about two hours from Kampala City in the eastern region of our beautiful Uganda. Jinja, famed as the historic source of River Nile has proved to be the adrenaline capital

A Walk Through Hell’s Gate National Park

A Walk Through Hell's Gate National Park I was the first to check in to the dormitory that accommodates eight people. I wondered if I was going to be by myself. I imagined it would be lonely but then again, the idea of sleeping in a dormitory with total strangers seemed