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The Gorge and the art of making up friends…

The Gorge and the art of making up friends... Following my 'great expedition' transversing East Africa; so far shared in bits and pieces here, here and occasionally got pampered by Serena Hotel here and here, I take you back to Hell's Gate National Park where I met my Kenyan friends –

A Walk Through Hell’s Gate National Park

A Walk Through Hell's Gate National Park I was the first to check in to the dormitory that accommodates eight people. I wondered if I was going to be by myself. I imagined it would be lonely but then again, the idea of sleeping in a dormitory with total strangers seemed

The Start of Something…

The Start of Something... I finally took two weeks off work. I say 'finally' because the day I traveled was jam packed I was worried I would miss my bus. The day was similar to one of those in the Mission Impossible franchise. I woke up with a strange feeling of

Lake Victoria Serena Resort Loves Weddings!

Lake Victoria Serena Resort Loves Weddings! When Lt. Col Robert and Mrs. Margaret Sekidde of Seroma LTD celebrated their Silver Jubilee a few weeks ago, they chose Lake Victoria Serena Hotel to host their one thousand and five hundred guests! Top dignitaries from all over East Africa graced their matrimonial celebration in