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Rwenzori Mountains; Tough Trekking in a Scenic Paradise

Rwenzori Mountains; Tough Trekking in a Scenic Paradise Original source: In February 2013, we spent nearly two weeks in Uganda. We were at the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo lies the Rwenzori Mountains, which should take you a whole day’s drive from Kampala (capital of Uganda). We spent 8

Why travel?

Why travel? Recently, a friend asked me the following questions which I found quite interesting, hence this post. 1. Did you always used to travel? Not really. But I have always wanted to. I'd been under the impression that travel is very very expensive and that one had to save for a

I Crossed The Line!

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"I haven't had a vibrant Monday like this one in years! I was too hyper. The weekend is to blame. Then your Kafunda article was published - I almost flipped! When are you taking me to that Sheshaz place?" I read the message with a stupid huge grin. My friends love the

Birthday Retreat, No Surrender!

This has been a year of extremes... I've been through the extreme lows & extreme highs. I have cried. I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life! But I have also laughed so hard. Sometimes I've cried and laughed at the same damn time! I have hated so