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#Ugandaesque: Khakis aren’t Mandatory in #Uganda

I first arrived in Uganda in August, 2009. I had just finished my B.A. in International Development at McGill University and I had planned a year traveling around the world, with my first stop teaching English and French at a local Ugandan school in Kikaaya, on Mityana Rd. Little did


Dearest Juli, Words cannot truly express how your devastating sudden departure has shaken UOT. I feel so terrible for having not made an effort to get to know you. We met a couple of times; first at a 40-40 event, girl you were like the face of the 40 – 40 events,

#TrySomethingNew – Rock Climbing

Rock climbing... My first encounter with someone who was into rock climbing was early last year at Nile River Explorers, Brian had the most calloused hands I've ever shaken; they felt like uneven wood. Because I was so curious, I asked him why. He told me about rock climbing; a

Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa Keeps Winning!

One of the best compliments is getting recognized and consequently rewarded for your hard work and diligence. Luxury travel is a very competitive business with so many resorts and hotels outdoing each other to indulge their guests the best way possible; competition on a global level and that's why the