Dearest Dad,

Things are happening. Really great things… I got a job. Nobody hooked me up, it was all me. I mean, I didn’t even apply, I was “outsourced”… I don’t know if the word existed in your time. All I know it’s a good thing because, it meant I had no competition. I have a good feeling about this year, we are well into the third month, like I said, and things are looking up.

I am slowly turning into that person I know you’d be proud of. I really wish you were here Dad. There’s so much I’d love to tell you, and I’d love to hear so much from you. Oh well, you ain’t here and it’s time I got used to it. I want you to know that I’ve made a number of friends that I plan to keep… these are the people that are going to help me through and may be with time, I’ll be in a position to return the favors I owe, they are plenty of those.

The other week, Rashida, my friend from school had an assignment. I was really flattered because I was the very first person she thought that could help her, and guess what daddy, I did! For the very first time, ok may be on the first time… Somebody thought I could help them and I was in a position to do so. I helped her meet someone important to help her with her research; she called me the other day and told me that she scored the best in that assignment. I felt like I’d just won a lottery! It is such a good feeling.

Matt called me to tell me that he misses me… I miss him too, so bad I can’t put it in words. I’ll have to say this again, long distance relationships are painful. Sometimes I feel I could use a hug, a very huge one. There are times when I need him to tell me, “Babe, you are doing great!” Of course, he does tell me, 8 hours later in my day or night depending on our time scale but it’s never the same as when he was here…

Then there are people that can’t believe I could be in a long distance relationship, asking me how much I could possibly trust him. I learnt not to listen to them because those people will always be there to discourage and “pump” negatives into hopeful souls.

Dad, I really wish you’d met him, he reminds me of you so much. When you left, it wasn’t great between mom and I but he insisted we patch things up. When I think about him, my heart “swells” and my stomach “summersaults”. Mom really loves him. Before she gave birth to Kris, Matt was the son she never had. Call me selfish but at first I wasn’t comfortable sharing him with anyone, let alone mom.

When he was here, he was my refuge and resting place. If things weren’t going as I wanted, he’s the person I’d run to. Shortly after he went, I went into a depression. I felt I didn’t have anyone to talk to and it was just I against the world. I cried every time he called, my emails were very long and very sad. He was clearly disappointed in me, for I was supposed to be a strong woman and there I was being a cry baby, it put a strain on us. He was really patient with me, always telling me how things will be better. Things have become better, Dad. Lately, when he calls I am so excited I feel like jumping up and down, so he goes, “Jeez, calm down Woman!” I am really happy now, Daddy. I feel like, I am the person I am because of him. He really believed in me when even I was lacking in faith. I haven’t reached my “happy place”, but I am definitely getting there and nothing is going to stop me.

I’ll write to you time to time because you’ll always be in my heart.

I love you. Always,

Beloved Daughter


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  1. balinda

    you actually know how to write, it keeps me wanting to read more
    yo stuff is interesting to read, i love reading…. there was something about u in school, something good.

    The DAD letter, so emotional love it.

    1. Thank you Michael. Had no idea you saw something in me 😀
      I really appreciate it.

  2. Jasper

    This is what your dad would have. Written in his reply;

    Dear daughter,

    It has been quite a while since I read such powerful words of hope and aspiration. I have never doubted how great a woman you would grow up to be. You make me proud every day and indeed have always been a ray of sunshine and my little baby girl.

    My daughter, the world is filled with several people who may not wish you well, who would always plan for your downfall for no apparent reason whatsoever, people whose mission in life is to make you doubt yourself. Never believe them, but only listen to them so as to learn what you sh oils never become, learn thee il that lurks around you every day, but always remember that some times they might actually be right. Don’t be afraid to concede when you are wrong! It is far honourable to realise your error than to persist in your ignorance. Use every short coming to become a better person.

    Every time you feel you are losing sig ht and feel there is no one to run to, pick up that pen and jot down your thoughts to me and sure I will be there to hold your hand a walk you through whatever difficulty you may be experiencing. You have always been a very strong and gifted lady, however you chose to treat your relationship with Matt, always remember that every human error or fault has a human solution. I envy him in a way because he is but a short while from you and can give you the hug you so long for and wish I could take even just for a minute. Take heart and know that with every hug you receive, I receive one from you as well and I beam with joy.

    I am and have always been veryvproud of you my daughter, never have I doubted your greatness and looking at you now, all grown up, beautifu, ambitious and self reliant, I am proud that you are the daughter I knew you would always be. Don’t ever imagine that I would ever be disappointed with you you will always be my little girl.

    My daughter, you have grown to be a great writter, one who is able to express herself so well with the use of language, master it! Learn when to use what words and when to alter the tenses of your words so as to capture the whole world with your work. Care little for what the “haters” say just work at it. Surround yourself with friends who will help you grow and always remember, learning does not end, we areaways learning something new. Strive to learn something everyday.

    I have heard you are helping young people to realise their potential in life. This is very good to hear, us this opportunity to surround yourself with people who understand you and will stand by you as you strive to make your Mark in this world. Always remember that I am proud of you for who you are and nothing will ever change that.

    Stay well, take care of your siblings and mum. Remember that I love you so much and miss you even more.

    Stay well.


    Ever loving Dad.

    1. Am sure her Dad would have written just that.

  3. Wow, Jasper! I wish I could blog this… Oh it’s already here. Woowww, thank you, thank you.

  4. Written from the bottom on the heart! Lovely letter! Keep in writing woman 🙂

  5. Julius Kabogorwa

    Wish we all would appreciate our fathers for those of us who still have them…
    Inspired me to write a letter to Dad, not that I’ll give it to him though, Im not there yet…
    On second thought, I think I’ll get drunk first….

    1. Hehehe wow. Give him that letter while you still can and while he can still read. Get that drink if you have too and let him know that he is appreciated. Good luck.

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