My lovely daughter,

I thank God for getting you that job. I also want to thank you for being creative and innovative to the extent that you pull up and get contacts that have resulted in getting the job, however, I really don’t know how you were “out sourced”.

I pray that there shall not be “strings attached” gradually! Much as I am away, I always imagine we are close and nothing can take that away… I want to assure you that you will make it; aim higher for the sky is the limit.

My daughter, having friends is a blessing, more so if they are “good ones”, it is upon that background that I thank you for helping your friend Rashida and please do guide her not to go off track.

So, tell me about this Matt fellow. Is he any good? I don’t trust today’s young men! What does he do? How could he ever think of hurting you by going wherever he went? Are you even old enough to be in a relationship? Why do you say that he reminds you of me? Is he my age? If so, be careful my child, that kind of relationship remains within the limits.

I am sorry baby; I just can’t seem to imagine my little girl in a “grown up” relationship. Wasn’t it just the other day that you were seated on my lap learning the alphabet? How long have you known this, whathisname?

Let me cut you a deal though… Promise me you won’t rush this thing you two have going on. This is the time you need to focus on your career, I know it must have been hard for you to get this job, don’t spoil it! Do that and may be, one day, I’ll meet him. Hopefully, I won’t punch his face in. Although, I do promise you that I’ll break his bones if he ever hurts you… Deal?

I liked your farewell remark, “I am definitely getting there and nothing is going to stop me” You are your father’s daughter alright. I will always be there for you time and again, don’t you ever forget that!

Hope to hear from you again,

I love you my child,

Loving Dad.


6 Thoughts to “Reply from Mzee…”

  1. Allan Shepherd

    Ms Branch, surely your dad loves if he is living and he isn’t, true he must loved you. Not many daddies can write to their kids in this kid of tone. So, like he suggests in his writing, the father of you kids indeed should work harder to beat him.
    Well, I like your articles. Keep it up! Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much Allan,
      My dad passed away. But he still lives in my heart. The reply; I made it up, cuz I knew my dad so well. If he were alive, he’d have said/written something along those lines.
      I am glad you appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Allan Shepherd

    Notify me of new posts.

    1. I definitely will.
      Thanks again


    Woke up at and landed on this. How sweet…
    Daddy is watching over you from heaven.
    Make him proud

    1. Thank you Paul. I like to believe he does…

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