My dearest child,

There are no words to truly express how much I love you. In my mind, I can see you; you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever set eyes on. I cannot believe that you came from me, that I can be a part of something so beautiful.

You might wonder why and how mommy could write to you even before your existence. Even before I am sure who’ll be your daddy. Well, there’s this sweet man I am putting into consideration 🙂 I told your grand-daddy about him, well, I just hinted on him. I am really sorry your grand-daddy didn’t live to see you. He would have loved you to bits; he was a great man, your grandpa. I am hoping that one day; we’ll sit down and I will tell you about him…

Now, your grandma is another story; she’s been asking me about you for over 5 years now! She wants a grandchild. Every time she meets any of the girls from my school days that has a child, she tells them how I am taking my time!

In my defense, I need a good man, a very good man to be your father; a man with good morals, proper upbringing, a kind and generous man. He has to be humorous in nature. Good looks will be an added advantage but are also vital, as I said, you are really beautiful my child, it would take extremely good genes to have you.

There is so much I would like to tell you child, there are so many dreams I have for you… I also know that you have your own dreams; I think we’ll talk and come to some kind of compromise. I want to do everything in my power to give you everything I can. I don’t know what your daddy has in mind, but I am already thinking about starting to save for your college education; education is so expensive these days, I shudder at the thought of what it might be when you start school.

I’d like to tell you why you are wearing dreadlocks… hmmm, right now, as of this moment, I don’t have a proper answer but I am hoping that by the time your daddy and I actually get together, make the necessary plans to have you, I’ll have an answer. I plan on writing to you real soon. Maybe I’ll have more news on your prospective daddy 🙂

I love you to bits my beautiful child,

Your future dreadlocked loving mom

30 Thoughts to “A Letter to my Future Dreadlocked Child…”

  1. beautiful! once again another piece overcome with emotion. i think my favorite part of this is the end:
    “I love you to bits my beautiful child,
    Your future dreadlocked loving mom”
    U go girl! wish i had the strength to share such emotions with the world

    1. 🙂 Thank you Chipo, thank you.

  2. Zino

    How well you put yo actual thoughts, feelings & emotions to yo writting makin it feel as if i am at a “spoken word” session n there you are wit the mic tellin it as it is

    # Great works

    1. Thank you Zino. You are so kind 🙂

  3. malik

    another masterpiece! eh, I envy That dreadlocked child! But I get this feeling of what sex you want the child to be……………..It shows from your story. You deliberately left it out but somehow I get that feeling you had a ………….in mind when you wrote it!

    1. Hey, thanks bro. Man, I realized it too. I’d wish for a boy as my first born child 🙂

  4. Beautiful! And so very touching. Children need love, appreciation and care and also the wisdom to become good human beings.
    The lines “In my defense, I need a good man, a very good man to be your father; a man with good morals, proper upbringing, a kind and generous man.” – speak lucidly about how important and essential it is to be a good, kind, compassionate and morally-strong human being to be able to bring up children who add positive energies to the world.
    Keep writing!

    1. Thank you Marilyn, I really appreciate it 🙂

  5. Bagaga

    Ms branch,
    Brilliant piece. It brings to life that fantasy of every Girl child. An imagination that starts so early in life with the lifeless barbie dolls. The simplicity with which your writing comes across is profound. You also capture true motherly instincts_that desire for ones progeny to have the best that this life has to offer. Keep that un corrupted simplicity that is the Hallmark of your writing. Keep the thoughts flowing.

    1. Awwww thank you so much Mrs. Bagaga. The profound writing shows how attentive I was every time you stood in front of the class.
      I am forever grateful for the opportunity of having had such an awesome teacher of English. 🙂

  6. Your child will be blessed when s/he is able to read and comprehend and discovers a complete blog full of beautiful letters. Well done for the initiative!

    1. Thank you my dope MC 😀

  7. kith

    amazing! this is wonderful! when you said that “..i can’t believe that you came from me,that i can be part of something so beautiful…”, well i think you are not just a part,but a whole of something beautiful! but i understand what you said! you have come from something beautiful! i feel sad that your dad won’t see your beauty in another person,but your child will see his beauty in you! i liked reading this piece! i believe that beauty is the fragrance of the person in us! that lingers in our thoughts and our memories,and what we share with others! its the dreams,jokes,the substance of the happy times,hopes,desires and imperfections! life is a delightful dream,on a stage of hope,with a promise of happiness,a play of passion, role for joy, the occasional touch of ecstasy! i hope your child dreams like you do,touching life thru beauty and love! God bless you my friend! this,your words are a lovey art you paint your heart in!

    1. Oh thank you Keith, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot…

  8. Wow!!!very beautiful indeed.
    i know you didn’t write the sex,but its a girl for me as i read this!
    i have the most beautiful daughters,Keza and Tona,9 & 6yrs.
    When Tona was 3yrs we had dreadlocks and i loved them,well she did,as i have a clean shaven bald for the last 15yrs!
    In theory you are an amezing mum..i pray you can practice that when he or she comes into your life.
    thank you for sharing that very touching word!
    Bless your dreadlocked child!

    1. Oh thank you Isaac. I can’t believe you read this and actually thought it beautiful.
      Thanks 😀

  9. jasper

    Hello dear dreadlocked friend, the thought of you being a writter intrigues me as much as it fills my heart with great joy at the hope of finally getting a great book from a good friend! This is indeed an interesting piece presenting your interesting view on life but leaving the reader yearning to know u, the child’s grand parents and why he/she has dreads! The piece is a futuristic endeavour which is however set in the present thereby creating a near mirrage and illusion about the text and tone. I indeed could read the emotion in the author for the subject/child but lil do we see of the child’s beauty. The author leaves us hungry to appreciate the beauty of the child but this hunger is left un abetted.

    In the eyes of a critic, nothing is fair! I love the piece and the thought pattern in generating such a wonderful piece of work.

    1. Wow, thank you Jasper. I do not know what to say. I am afraid I might ruin the effect of your words.
      Thanks again 😀

  10. Allan Byarugaba Nsubuga Shepherd

    As I read this piece, I imagined what your child will say when he/she finds this letter. I also think your are talented. Honestly, I am impressed. I look forward to many more articles ~ may be a book some day.

    1. Thank you Allan 🙂 The book is coming out very soon.
      I need more prayers

  11. Hey finally we do have woman Shakespeare from Africa, 21st century Shakespeare!
    Gal keep it up. This is awesome good!

    1. Heyyy,
      Thank you Ivan. Totally appreciate it.

  12. Too good an article. Break a leg Ms. Branch.

  13. Nes

    never knew yo such a creative blogger,your child will truely be blessed to have you for a mother… keep it going

  14. Beautifully written. Brought a tear to my eye. Enjoy future motherhood, it is AMAZING!

    1. Thank you so much Joselyn. Thank you!

  15. othman

    very thoughtful piece; i am thinking of scribbling a few lines for my unborn…never mind i don’t know his name.

    1. Thank you Othman! Do that, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll write once you keep an open mind! Please remember to share with me… 🙂

  16. Great piece – beautiful theme, very well put together. And speaking of dreadlocks, I am finally ready to move on from my 3-year afro phase, can you Dreadlocked Sensei recommend a great place in Kampala where I get my first ones done?

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