These things of having to escape our infamous power-cuts forces a girl to meet all sorts of weirdos. Now, if that girl is keeping an open mind, there’s so much that she can take.

What I’ve discovered is; there aren’t many single guys out there anymore. I mean single and unattached. Most men are already married with kids or are in a relationship with some woman or have kids with women they don’t “talk to anymore”, they are still hang-up on their exes, they have demanding girlfriends and/or their relationships have issues. Interestingly, they  consider themselves “searching” and mingling.

I asked one guy, “So, do you have a girlfriend?” his reply, “Well, I am not married…” Being a guys-girl, I can see through all this BS. My manners may not allow me to actually utter, “Nigger please!” but my mind screams so. I always listen to the guys or  bitch about the drama they can’t take from their women and the girls  whine about how their men treat them terribly. In my mind. I ask; why not walk away? Maybe it isn’t that easy, maybe they wanna have their cake and eat it too.

I can’t say I am searching, actually, I am not. I have been single for a while that I am actually enjoying it. I free. I don’t get those annoying questions of, “Where are you? When can I see you? Who is the idiot that just liked your status?” I have discovered so many interesting things about myself that had probably been overshadowed. I love myself and I love (good looking) men.

However, it would be lovely to meet a single (good looking) guy; no kids, no ex-issues, or thinking about leaving their girlfriend. One who has come to terms with his singleness. Someone I could have a sensible conversation with that wouldn’t constitute to grabbing my thigh or butt.


Young Woman Up and About

54 Thoughts to “So, no single guys anymore?”

  1. atugonza joel

    wow nice article but partially a lie.thanx

    1. Thanks Joel… what’s a lie?

  2. $tealth

    Hehehehe… Good luck Miss Branch!

    1. hehehehe thanks $tealth 🙂
      You crazy!

    2. hehehe thanks $tealth!
      I need it 🙂 You crazy guy

  3. Dennis Asiimwe


  4. Psymon

    The kind of chap you’re looking for is being hotly pursued by other women; women who are willing and ready to look past the “baggage”.

    1. Hahahaha so, it’s true. No Single exist. Period.

  5. Olyv Telma

    They always have ex- issues or expect u to be like some one else, then that category of thighs most annoying of all.

    1. hehehe you had your share girl, huh?

  6. “may your wish come true”!!!!

  7. I look forward to attending your wedding to a prominent Hajji as wife number 3…

  8. Well, atleast he’d be honest about everything 😀

  9. martin kanyegirire

    even if the conversation doesn’t constitute grabbing your thigh for 4, 5 months, it will at a certain point. Unavoidable.

    1. Martin, I really have no problem with a hand on my thingh, as long as I know you, you know me. But going at it within half an hour of meeting, seriously?

  10. even if the he refrains himself from talk aimed at grabbing your thighs for some months, he will at a certain point. Makes a little difference

    1. I am ok with after a few months. Makes a big difference. Cuz I’d know them 🙂

  11. Nev

    I’m with Elijah on this one! Lol. They exist, you must know how to dig em out.

    1. Nope, I am not digging anyone out. I’ll let him come to me 🙂

  12. hank

    problem is those without any issues are normal labeled boring and left for guys with baby mamas, ex issues etc

  13. Yhorkes

    Women need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.

  14. Dennis Asiimwe

    Erm, I like the idea of a sardonic female writer, I honestly do…one with no sentiment, cold, edgy, shooting from the hip wild-west style…The thing is, Ms Branch (love the ‘Ms.’ by the way…trendy, nifty, almost like a character out of Sex in the City) writes with a style that dares you wolves to come out roaring in indignation. She’s daring you to bite, and unfortunately, men being the wolves they are, do just that, barely questioning the quality of bait that has been flung out to them If you checked your teeth right now (I am continuing with the wolf analogy, for any puzzled idiots at this point), you would find that all she had thrown out to you was tin-foil coated with left-over tuna to give you the idea of scent but only for you to discover that underneath it all is processed scrapped (basically which is what tin-foil it).
    Okay, I am digressing. Ms Branch, rather intelligently, dares you. You take the bait. But what is she daring you with?
    She is single, and happy. Is she? LETS QUOTE: “So, do you have a girlfriend?” Now, honestly, friends and neighbours (like my favorite author likes to say), is this the kind of question a single and happy girl asks a male? Yes? You at the back of the class? What’s that? The answer, is fuck, no!
    ANOTHER QUOTE: ”I can’t say I am searching, actually, I am not. I have been single for a while that I am actually enjoying it. I have a peace of mind.”
    Note: She actually uses those words. In the NEXT paragraph, she says: ”However, it would be lovely to meet a single (good looking) guy; no kids, no ex-issues, or thinking about leaving their girlfriend. One who has come to terms with his singleness. Someone I could have a sensible conversation with that wouldn’t constitute to grabbing my thigh.”
    Now, Ms Branch, who by the way is a stunning-looking lass would have you believe she wants to meet the afore-mentioned male so they can play chess, discuss the price of corn in Canada and come up with a formula for world piece. Any of you wolves believe this? At the back of the class again? What’s that? Fuck no!
    She’s been playing with you lads, and though the bait was not THAT bad, it was not that good either. As a senior wolf, I have to say I am disappointed in you all, and would willingly kick you out of the herd.
    As for Ms Branch, I like the passion you bring to your writing. Have I been harsh? A little, probably, but you were really giving the lads a run for their money. I look forward to more bits of bait, but in the mean-time, could you sign off with something else than ”Young Woman Up and About”? Something less corny, less mundane, less pass-me-a-bucket inspiring?
    You could after all, just use Ms Branch.


    The Dark Man
    (Okay okay, I take it back, let me sign that again…its almost as bad as ‘Young Woman Up and About’)


    Dennis Asiimwe

    1. Wowwwww Wolf Snr. Thank you for those kind and somewhat brutal words hehehe 🙂 but I honestly appreciate them.
      Do we know each other from the other life when I was a queen vampire, you know how it is, vampires and were(wolves) are arch-enemies…
      I’ll definitely pick out a few pieces of your advice and use them in my next article.
      Totally appreciate your feedback.

  15. Dennis Asiimwe

    Pardon the typos…was in a meeting when I sent this, and I CAN’T stand typos.

    1. Psymon

      In addition to critiquing the blogger and her entry – more like dismissing,really – you have proceeded to chide anyone and everyone that dared to comment on the entry with even a scintilla of seriousness. Yours is an ingenious way of getting the writer to up her game and the reader to demand better of the writer. I hope that in this quest for “quality” we don’t lose out on the fun. Many of us read these blogs for the sheer amusement that well mannered frivolity is known to bring… By the way, did you say that Ms Branch was bite-the-back-of-your-hand gorgeous???

      1. Yes Symon, Ms. Branch is bite-the-back-of-your-hand gorgeous as you so generously put it 😀
        Meanwhile, I really appreciated Dennis’ feedback. I have fun writing, and I’d love my readers to experience “sheer amusement” everytime they visit my blog, however, I’d love very much to deliver that amusement like a pro. I am welcome to feedback that appreciates AND that is intended to better my writing.
        Please come again 🙂

    2. You and me both, but you are forgiven 🙂

  16. quite interesting discourse…

  17. Gal High 5. Totally agree. Are they out there? Helooooooo (echo in an empty room).
    Mr Dark man? Whats wrong with having some male company to go to the beach with, play chess and discuss Bukenya’s fate? Especially these days when we are doomed by 24 hours Darkness (no pun intended)
    Arent you stereotyping the same old thesis that men and women can never be friends?
    p.s Ms. Branch holla if you find them good looking brothers. lol

    1. hahaha I love you Lora! High 5 right back at ya! 😀
      hmmm over to you Mr. Dark Man.

      Girlfriend, don’t hold your breathe, you heard the gentlemmen.

    2. Friends? That’s not what we were made for. Isn’t that what your grils’ night out is for?

      1. Dennis Asiimwe

        She would seem to have no female friends, I am afraid…

  18. Dennis Asiimwe

    Do you folks REALLY want a come-back on this?
    Psymon, unique moniker aside, you pharased yourself rather astutely. In response to your query and in confirmation of Ms Branch’s own rather eager assertion of the same, the lass is indeed ravishing. It is with this in mind that she cannot be accused of being a bitter old hag. That particular failing, which often typifies a lot of proactive women (see Miria Matembe for details) is not one she bears. I agree that blogging forms the slightly more relaxed approach to discourse, and slang and lackadaisical techniques are the norm online, but I have an inkling of Ms Branch’s aspirations, and as reflected by the way she reacted to my slightly harsh post, they are infinitely higher than those of the casual blogger.
    On the part of Ms Lorac Mutesi I am afraid I do find some appalling failings; if anything, they litter the place. Ms Mutesi, if you do find some good-looking brothers to go to the beach and play chess with while you discuss the possibility of world peace, I will personally pay for the trip.
    And for fuck’s sakes (am I allowed to swear on this blog?), let the afore-mentioned studs be actually good-looking, not the sort where someone thinks ”He must be wealthy, or well-hung, or have a lovely personality, like a male nurse.” And please: do not pay them in advance.

    Kind regards,

    Dennis Asiimwe

    1. So in short Ugandan men suck. You agree.

      1. Dennis Asiimwe

        Sigh. It seems logical discourse is beyond you, Ms Mutesi. I won’t bother to turn this into a format that you seem to prefer, which would be a playground squabble. To put it plainly, to be able to make an educated guess on Ugandan men, I would have to be gay, and the last time I checked (last night), I was not. I do have a rather good idea of Ugandan women, whom you unfortunately seem to represent. Let me say if that is the case, the future is markedly bleaker than we had originally assumed.

        Cheers, lassie…

  19. So, you get your hassle-free single guy, and a few months down the road guess who will be the so called baggage? Duh, YOU of course! Suddenly, you’ll be the one he is perennially breaking up with but never seems to get round to severing the heart strings, as he gets it on with other side bakuulis. The wheel of romance always comes full circle. Which is why, it is sad when gals/women delude themselves and knowingly get involved with men who are already attached/spoken for, thinking theirs will be a bed of roses from that of the ex or the wife/official girlfriend. If he can leave or cheat on her, you too, are fair game. Just a matter of time! This is the reason why our mothers and aunts were able to last in their marriages. And if you bother asking them, they will tell that the key is having no illusions like the way most of us do. We want it all – a flourishing career, a decent car, a grand house, and a good looking man to complete our storybook idea of a perfect life, which exists only in Utopia. Good luck with your search. Something tells me, you are gonna keep searching, till, er..the cows(not you) come home!

    1. Dennis Asiimwe

      Ah…a lad with a nifty turn of phrase….rather well-put, Jack Danielle (pardon me if I avoid using your third er, name)…

  20. …lets try this again…with intonations of the “little voice inside”!
    “I can’t say I am searching [ i mean, no self respecting fine lass with even the slightest hint of ego will let up], actually, I am not [ in a weak voice looking to the left…”really am not!!”]. I have been single for a while that I am actually enjoying it [..right!!]. I have a peace of mind [clearly…enough to write an entire blog post with a screaming tittle!]. I don’t get those annoying questions of, “Where are you?…[i’m so independent, i really don’t need the drama…as if i’d let him toss me around even if i was dating!!] However, it would be lovely to meet a single (good looking) guy; [finally the scream gets louder…lol!]…hmm…gee, this persona really is at peace!!!

    Any how, Miss Branch, this time i’ll indulge you…sure let us momentarily lose ourselves in the vanity of wanting what you can’t have…or even want to have…all the while turning a blind eye to the fact that you so eloquently phrase your seeming indignation to that which you so badly want…something i have come to particularly associate with lasses such as yourself (fine, intelligent and self assured, in case you are wondering)…and not to repeat the Wolf Snr…i’ll save my retorts to Ms Mutesi. All in all, am loving the commentary discourse….

    The piece comes from an amazing angle as usual….fine flow…and a very captivating choice of wolf bait (u almost had me…lol!)…i like…i see a blog that will keep us coming back…nice…

    1. Dennis Asiimwe

      I am afraid it looks like the cavalry is here…it took them some time but the place is buzzing with trigger happy Y-chromosomes…

  21. EsEm Captain

    Ya. The first thing I do after reading this blog is admitting that Ms. Branch is an awesome writer… and that much as her idea of the ‘today man’ may not be utterly true, the work just has something about it that makes you want to agree to everything.
    Who says ‘am already taken?’ Trust me, nobody!
    Either way, nice work Ms Branch 😉

    1. Oh, you single? Well, if I knew, we wouldn’t have this blog…
      hehehe thank you 🙂

      1. Dennis Asiimwe

        I think Ms Branch’s strengths are the way she deals with the responses to her writing. Men inevitably were up in arms and baying for her blood but each time her response is measured, calm, polite, even witty…there is a distinctive lack of bitch in this lass, and that is probably her strongest facet.

        1. You are so kind Dennis. Thank you 😀

  22. mbabazi

    Sadly I do not know of such men but do keep hope alive.

    1. I will. There’s still hope. Happy 2012!

  23. Dennis Asiimwe

    I heard they were cloning some!

  24. Nimusiima

    I like the whole write-up. Thank you. Would you please check on my blog and give me your stand.

    1. I am on it my friend, like white on rice 😀

  25. Thanks For The Compliment Branch. If Only You Could Recommend It To Those Loyalists Of Yours, Happiness Would Be My Definition. Thanks A Bunch.

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