It’s that time of the year again, Fathers’ Day.

I can’t help the sadness setting in as I wish you were here so I could… So we could do something together. It’s only one day in the year and I don’t understand the fuss really. Still, I wish you were here. I thought about you yesterday, and the other day. Come to think of it, you’ve been on mind a lot lately.

I am growing old, Daddy. You’d think that by now, I would be used to the fact that you are gone, for good. I am not your little girl anymore. I wouldn’t fit on your lap even if you were here, though I’d like that very much. I’ve been thinking, wondering what would be different about my life if you were alive… I’d have loved to ask you about boys, see you go protective and super daddy to anyone who hurts me. Sometimes I wonder where I would be, if I’d know the people I know, doing the things I do. One thing I know for sure, I would still be a daddy’s girl. In a way, I think I am and I miss you so much.

I know you are in a better place, watching out for me. I hope I make you proud, I don’t have much to my name, YET. But I am getting there. It’s just that, it gets so frustrating at times. I get mad when things don’t go my way, when they take their time. And I KNOW it’s all God’s doing. Still…

I wish I could borrow some money from you. Take you out and pay some bills with the change. I wish I could bring a boy home so you could interview him, see if he’s good enough for me. I wish you could help me write this pending report. But mostly, I wish I could hold your hand, watch you smile and then give me some money… 🙂

All I do is wish wish wish and wish you A HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

I love you, always.

Loving daughter

16 Thoughts to “My Super Dad…”

  1. Kiyemba ironik

    R.I.P to your dad Olive

  2. How sweet..,In another life,I wish I could have been your dad.
    I lost my dad about 16 years ago and I know for sure he would have been elated to be here with me as we celebrate Father’s Day a few months before I become a father myself 🙂 The only way I can truly remember him is by being the best dad in the whole wide world to my yet to be born baby gal.,I will make sure she reads this post when she is old enough..,just so she knows what her dad expects to read when she turns 6..,lol.,
    I am sure they are all up there with our bigger dad.,looking down and smiling..,

    1. 🙂 That’s a good thought Davis. Thank you so much for the encouragement…

  3. ram

    This is a beautiful poem!!! Thanks for sharing something so special

  4. Very touching and sweet. Well done…

  5. aaaaaaawwwww. I’m not the type to get all sentimental and stuff but I can’t help it *wipes a tear*. R.I.P to daddy

    1. Thank You Talkative Rocker 🙂

  6. Nes

    honestly much as ma dad is still breathing,iv never known what its like to have a father in ones life coz iv had to be ma own dad and an example to ma siblings but i know the gap a loved one leaves an just pray his soul rests in peace,he must be prouda yu

    1. Awww… I am sorry that your father wasn’t a role model. I know you being a great guy and I believe you’ll be a great dad one day. I miss mine, it never gets old. It helps to believe he is in a wonderful place.

  7. What a poignant note full of adoration! Fret not, you are complete and a precious gem in your father’s eye no matter what you aim to attain or achieve. Enjoy the memories as they flash through. We miss our loved ones even in the belief that they are in a better place. Think of the circle of life…he lives in you. Light another candle and look up to the skies for the star that he is. xxx

    1. Thank you so much Grace for reading and your kind words. I really appreciate it.

  8. Kangye

    Speaks to me as well. Memories recollected.

    How I wish people would take off time to celebrate their parents who are alive.

    happy fathers day

    1. Thank you Kangye. My exact sentiments.

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