I’m always one of those people that just cannot wait to go through Christmas. Do not get me wrong, I love December; I share a birth month with Sweet Jesus and a number of close friends. We celebrated our birthdays every day for two weeks, it got old. There is only so much cake a girl can eat without worrying about her thighs and waistline. However, I’m still accepting gifts.

As Christmas was approaching, I was literally blowing air on my little finger praying that the management and staff of umeme limited would go to their respective villages and “forget” to load-shed us so that I could catch up on lost time with my e-library, facebook and twitter. All I wanted for Christmas was electricity and a huge internet bundle. What can I say, I am low maintenance like that… Thankfully, I had electricity, so it is safe to say I had a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas aside, I am always excited about the New Year. I wish I could be excited about Mondays the way I am super psyched about New Year’s day. They have similarities; new slate, new opportunities and new experiences. But there is something about the New Year that screams – YOU ARE PROMOTED! The opportunities and second chances that come with the new year are grander; 2013 could be the year that I finally find love (read “decent guy”), it could be the year that I finally make my first million in two hours -no questions asked, no taxes. I have always wanted to go to Honolulu, Hawaii… See where I am going with this?

I especially love those couple of days right before January 1 for reflection: What I was meant to do but fell short, like that gym membership I failed to stay committed to, or that mission to read one book or two a week-after all, knowledge is power and I aspire to be a powerful woman.

This New Year, we have all been presented with clean slates and the opportunity to do the right thing, right our wrongs, follow our dreams, make better mistakes. It can be anything from a more meaningful relationship with God, drinking eight glasses of water a day, eating more vegetables, running 20km a week, reading more, to finally taking up dance classes, learning to bake or taking a shot at that management position that just opened up.

In 2013, anything goes. Whatever you go for, best wishes and happy returns.

Happy New Year!

6 Thoughts to “Endless Possibilities”

  1. You wrote a cozy piece without being corny…hats-off…

    1. It means the world coming from you Dennis, thank you.

  2. Hmmmm… That’s deep and original.. straight from the heart. All the best Galfie

    1. Thank you Pavic. Best wishes to you too.

  3. I enjoyed this. It takes skill to write something this simple and engaging. Well done…

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