I know so many people wonder how one could possibly leave the warmth, safety and comfort of their beds at the break of dawn to hit the streets in the name of fitness… I used to wonder the same thing. Until I joined the fitness family a few months ago.

The alarm goes off, the voices in your head rise from their slumber; telling you all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t run. It’s cold, painful legs, thieves, not enough time, you’ll look stupid chasing nothing…
They will be convincing I tell you! You’ll know your true strength once you ignore them and put your feet on the floor, ready to get some work done. Nothing beats that morning sweat! Nothing!

After the run, the voices in your head will change their genre. They will pile praises upon praises on how awesome you are, a beast, a machine, a stunner. They will massage your ego so well that you’ll feel bad ass. Invincible. This feeling is very addictive. Before you know it, you’ll crave it every morning. You’ll forego soirées because they tend to mess up one’s sleep schedule. Sleep is another priced ‘commodity’ in the life of a fitness buff.

Just like anything else done repeatedly over a period of time, you’ll get pretty good at it. People will ask you, ‘So, how far did you run this morning?’ And you’ll answer, ‘Only 13km!’ like they’re 13 metres!

It’s pretty easy, this fitness thing and it’s getting a lot easier and fun with so many applications coming into play. Applications that help you keep track of your activities and progress. Most importantly, they are a platform for the fitness family so you can cheer each other, set fun challenges; my favorite at the moment is Nike Plus. Runkeeper has been experiencing some GPS ‘zibs’ (problems – in our local slang)

Let’s get fit together!
Oh by the way, if you’re using Nike Plus, please add me! LOL I’m shameless like that 🙂


3 Thoughts to “Voices In My Head Before & After My Morning Workouts”

  1. On Nike + as well. What is your user name?

    1. Awesome! It’s Olive Nakiyemba. Still relatively new on Nike Plus though…
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Sue

    Girllll!!!!! I feel you when it comes to the voices telling you to pull the blankets closer. I should get that Nike Plus and even add you. Haha.

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