I was in a rather charitable mood over the weekend, Sunday to be exact. I took part in the Rotary Cancer Run, a charity run to raise money to complete the Rotary Centenary Cancer Centre at St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya. The good good news is that the money that was needed was raised. Breakfast with my friends to celebrate the good run.

There was health camp arranged by Aga Khan Hospital on Acacia Mall on the same day. Did some tests too. Yours truly is as healthy as a horse albeit the abnormal blood sugar results… I learnt that it’s important to have the blood sugar test after an overnight fast, before breakfast… Needless to say, my results from the blood sugar test shot through the roof from what we called a breakfast of champions 🙂

I’d never donated blood and I have to admit, the idea was very scary. All those vampire movies are to blame… Don’t get me started on the size of the needle!

So it happens that there’s nothing to be afraid of. You haven’t given back till you’ve donated blood! There are no words to express how fulfilling and rewarding it feels to know that your blood might save someone one day. I know someone who has donated blood 21 times and they’re in tiptop shape! Hopefully, I can do this twice or thrice a year.

There’s a shortage of blood at the Blood Bank at the moment and that’s why there’re so many Blood Donations Drives.

Save a life, donate blood. That life could be of a loved one, even yours. Live healthy, live longer.

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