As a woman, you would think that after your purse is snatched by the goons; having to replace your phone is top priority but nope. I learned the hard way.

I woke up the following morning sore, feeling like a trainwreck, having overslept because my alarm didn’t go off, jumped into the shower, tried to brush my teeth and scrub at the same damn time. Well, I barely managed to do that. Searched for my toiletry bag so I could draw my eyebrows in (for the amount of hair I have on my cabeza, my eyelashes and eyebrows blow…)
Once in a while, I need tools to help me put my game face on; I remembered that it was in my favorite purse that was snatched…

My heart sunk at the realization of what I had lost. My heart broke at the loss of my assortment of essence oils, the different shades of lipgloss that were more of a collector’s items if anything, my ‘lucky’ spare earrings, wallet, my ‘fancy’ pair of shades, my customized purple iPod shuffle among so many other items that I keep remembering as the days go by. I guess a woman never knows the exact contents of her purse at any given time because there were times I could find something in that favorite purse of mine that I thought I had lost months back and my excitement would surpass that of a child’s opening Christmas presents. Only a woman would understand :'(

With a heavy heart, I pulled a T-shirt over my head and a pair of Jeans and decided to carry a backpack to work. Got to work without my eyebrows but I didn’t care. Of course my colleagues did raise THEIR eyebrows at the sight of me, or at the lack of mine. I will never know…

Even then, my phone hadn’t crossed my mind. However, my data dongle with about 4GB worth of data did, for about 3 seconds and I was back to my toiletry bag…

7 Thoughts to “A Woman, her purse and her heart…”

    1. I will survive. Slowly but surely collecting and replacing my lost items.

  1. Nev

    Sorry Ms Branch. Should we fundraise? These 4040 guys know how to.

    1. Awwww thanks Nev. Got the guys at work to fundraise. Mainly because they were rude – raising their eyebrows at my lack of eyebrows 😀

  2. That really sucks, but glad to hear you are ok!

    1. Thank you. I refuse to be stopped! Thanks for stopping by, please come again 🙂

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