Relationship Goals

OK! Let’s see… I had (still have) writer’s block, beat maker’s block, I can’t workout as often and as hard as I would love to, otherwise by now; I would be what someone would call a fitness godess. My nails are chipped, my locks have an afro, growth for months I tellya!

Even with all this suffering, I  refuse to compromise my  relationship goal! No I won’t!

I like a man who takes care of himself, someone who values their health. This is manifested in their way of life, i.e. fitness, eating and or drinking habits, their choice of extra curricula activities otherwise known as hobbies…

Let me be clear here, it isn’t all about abs, glutes, tight ass, obliques and all those sexy muscles. Haha! I’m lying. It’s all about the toned, tight sexy muscles! 😀

However and most importantly – a healthy lifestyle depicts discipline, commitment, respect, hard work, devotion, self love – do you have any idea how tedious it is to love someone who doesn’t love themselves? Well, neither do I. But I bet you, it’s a lot of work. Nobody has time for that.

Folks with a healthy lifestyle don’t stress, I mean; there are so many ways they blow off steam as opposed to their counterparts that would rather drown their sorrows in a bottle of whiskey or some other cheap crude poison.

Conversations usually go something like,
“Ah, today was tough. Let me go for a run.”
“Everything I touched today turned to gold! I’m high on success! Is it leg day today? It IS leg day today!”
My personal favorite, “Olive, I know everything seems bleak right now but if you tried to do some push-ups, you will feel a whole lot better, see everything in a different light.”

My kind of people are allergic to excuses, shortcuts and anyone entertaining the idea of a shortcut to attain greatness. They believe and know that if you want great results, you have to put in great work and this takes time, sweat, letting go of ‘friends’ that are weighing you down with excuses, negativity – the general bull crap.

Now I could go on and on about how awesome fitness people are but I really need to put in some work here. Seriously though, do think about all those qualities and values in a person. Imagine being with them. Ask yourself if that isn’t a recipe for a relationship made in heaven!

Have a Sunny day! Remember to workout today!


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  1. kylie

    Yesss!! To tight glutes and abs 🙂

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