Last night, my worry was how I was going to max out my 7 by 7 bed. So I ended up sleeping across, diagonally, did splits…
Today presented another challenge.

I surprised myself by waking up at 7AM, then I remembered it was my birthday. So I rushed to the mirror to stare hard at myself, see if I’d ‘grown’ older! If there was any change, I didn’t see it. Thank God! Speaking of which, today was bright and sunny as well. Been told by the folks at Kyaninga Lodge that it’d been raining heavily and daily, since it had been raining in Kampala as well, I prayed and prayed that it would be sunny so I could wear my booty shorts and my hat and shades 🙂

I went out to my balcony to watch the lake. Lake Kyaninga is a sight to behold in the morning. It’s so still, glassy, hypnotic. I stared for the longest time till the ripples appeared… Called room service and ordered breakfast, I wasn’t about to leave the view. Oh I forgot to tell you, your cottage key comes with a small mobile phone that you can use to call the main lodge or the manager in case of anything. I had never ordered room service in my entire life!
After the rejuvenating breakfast, I showered and I strapped my body in a bikini. See, I’ve been on that beach body program – had to show off the hard work at some point.

After a few laps in the pool, I lounged, sunbathing & called for a cocktail juice. I sure know how to enjoy life if I say so myself 🙂
The sun must have felt so good that I fell asleep at some point only to wake up to find I was the colour of Cadbury Chocolate…

When I came back to my room, I found it covered in flower petals spelling ‘Happy Birthday Olive!’ I was so overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and the sheer beauty! The bed, the floor had a big heart, flower vases… Beautiful! 
This took me back to my 6th birthday. My mother and daddy (RIP) brought me a Teddy Bear chocolate cake, oh how happy I was! But my happiness was very short lived as they asked me to cut it. I was horrified. How can anyone CUT Teddy Bear? Mother poked out one of his eyes and licked it. I never forgave them! There I was looking at my beautifully made 7 by 7 bed with hearts and petals and wondered where I will sleep because I couldn’t see myself ruining it! I decided not to stress and went back to the main lodge in time for lunch. After yesterday’s experience, I decided to take it slow with the starter. I wasn’t so much of a whale after lunch.

Took a canoe ride in Lake Kyaninga. It’s actually made of 2 volcanic crater lakes that have, over time, formed into one lake. It’s one of the deepest crater lakes in Uganda and one of the cleanest in East Africa. Stretching a massive 224 metres/735 feet into the earth. Water of this depth should be cold but thanks to the semi-active properties of these craters, the water is a comfortable temperature for swimming. However, this madam’s swimming skills aren’t something to write home about (esp in waters over 2 metres) – I wore a life jacket and decided to enjoy the ride. The physics involved in rowing a boat is beyond me man – the reversing, rowing against the wind. By the way, I did my best not be distracted by the rower’s back and arm muscles. Rowing is quite a workout! Beautiful birthday…

I didn’t think the day could get better till the waiters & waitresses came out singing ‘happy birthday’ to me carrying a cake after dinner! A good old chocolate cake. Sigh.

Life isn’t so bad after all. Taking this opportunity to thank Kyaninga Lodge for the special treatment. I’m a royal these ends!
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. Best birthday EVER!

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