I will have you know that I am typing this in an accent and occasionally using hand gestures! I spent about 5 hours with 2 English young ladies and an Italian guy with a doctorate in sarcasm. The English accent, Italian accent plus my basic Ugandan accent has given birth to the future!

They spent 8 days in the Rwenzori Mountains. It’s an 8 day journey. 7 days of sleeping in two pairs trousers, sweaters, skii socks and gloves. The temperatures at the summit of the mountain were -8°C! Everything about the expedition sounds exciting but the temperature. However, this mission is under consideration for my next leave… No, the leave after next. I know what I’m doing next leave.


You’re probably wondering how I ended up with the cool gang. No, I’m not visa hunting. At least not yet. They came to Kyaninga Lodge on their 8th night. They said that after 8 days living like cave men in the mountains, coming to Kyaninga Lodge for the warm food and warm scented baths was like they died and went to heaven. Their words, not mine. They also said, that they had been to Kyaninga Lodge about four times. If I could, I would never ever leave Kyaninga Lodge – but see, the way my bank account is set up…


My spirits were in the dumps this morning, having to leave the paradise for my humble abode. The thought of the horrendous bus ride back to Kampala… It’s funny how the drive to a new place is always exciting as opposed to the drive back.

Sitting by the pool soaking in the sun, milking every second of my last minutes of my stay; I decided to call my Fort Portal boda guy to pick me up from the lodge to the bus park. I had hardly put my phone down when the lodge attendant told me that the cool gang were leaving for Kampala, asked if I would like a ride. I canceled on Thaddeus, my Fort Portal boda guy 🙂
That’s how I ended up with the Cool Gang.

The memory of this birthday will forever be embedded in my heart and mind. Had plenty of time to reflect on things I excelled at, mentally patted my back. Things I fell short, next year we try again…

Tonight I sleep in my 3 by 6 bed while I reminisce about the 7 by 7, the kindness & special treatment, the massage I received in my room overlooking the magnificent lake with nothing but just the sounds of chirping birds, crickets and frogs…
Tonight and every waking moment of my life, I give thanks!


Photo Cred: Kyaninga Lodge, Fort Portal, Uganda, East Africa.

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  1. You have taken me to Kyaninga Lodge and back…if you know what i mean. This was awesome. Beautiful place too.

    1. Thank you Massie. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you! I hope you drop by again…

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