Why travel?

Recently, a friend asked me the following questions which I found quite interesting, hence this post.

1. Did you always used to travel?

Not really. But I have always wanted to. I’d been under the impression that travel is very very expensive and that one had to save for a whole year to get away. Which is true and false. If one fancies luxury travel and they don’t have adequate means to do it; by all mean save. I think, the trick is to seek out high style on a low budget.

2. What changed?

Life happened, I grew up. I learnt that experiences are more dear than material things. One could save and save for an item, buys it and then the person dies or worse – the item is stolen. But no one can steal a memory, well; at least not yet in Kampala that I know of. I also realized that getting away is one way to recharge my system; get my creative juices running…

3. Is it easier for you to travel within the country by yourself or with others?

It’s a bit of both. It’s easier to travel alone, but it’s more fun with friends. I spent my birthday weekend in Fort Portal (which I realize I’ve never stopped talking about) I’d never been there. But I had never reflected so much on my life before then. Which wouldn’t have been the case if I had my friends around. But again, so much happened I wished I shared with someone and not to mention, I had to ask strangers to take photos of me. When I’m with my friends, it’s different. Everyone will be talking at the same time, pointing out things, we always have someone guarding our stuff just in case, ordering different things so everyone has a chance to eat everything. And of course, so many photos. Then there are the talks, reminiscing about a trip. With friends – “Oh my God, remember when…?” Everyone else – Yes yes!

By myself – “And then they filled my bed and my room with flower petals… Oh you just had to be there! Wait, let me show you the photos…” A little sad, right?

4. What motivates you to travel?

The entire experience. The thrill of trying something new, meeting people, seeing places. Mostly, to get away from Kampala! I’m yet to know what I’m running away from or what I’m searching for but I’m sure I will know when I find it.

5. Do people decide to travel with you just from you talking about traveling? (Same way someone would last minute go to a bar)

Well, I’m not too familiar with the bar scene… We plan. I’m always in charge of things – where we go, when, to do what, accommodation, how to get there. It doesn’t matter where, even if we’re just going to Luzira for Farooq’s Chicken which absolutely out of this world if I must add. I guess my friends let me do it because I really love planning trips and I’m getting better at it.

6. Usually when you make plans to travel with people, does everyone show up as promised?

Oh yes!

7. Do they have valid reasons for not showing up?

No one has ever not showed up! Oh wait, one weekend one of my friends couldn’t make it with a very valid reason. So we postponed the trip to another weekend.

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