After my basic lodging in Naivasha, I was really looking forward to a 5 Star treatment in Nairobi; a nice bed, comfortable pillows and something to tease my taste buds – tease? The plan was to over indulge! I needed a place that would make it easy for me to navigate Nairobi City; and what better place than Nairobi Serena Hotel!

When I planned my little East African expedition, I was determined to travel as a local as much as I could. So when the shuttle from Naivasha dropped us off in downtown Nairobi, I relied on people’s directions and my inadequate Swahili to take me places.

Cautiously, I didn’t come out and directly ask to be pointed towards Nairobi Serena Hotel, no – just a place near it and after a few wrong turns, I saw it from a distance. I felt like one of the Three Wise Men following the Star. I followed it till I found myself in front of a welcoming bellman. He helped me out of my backpack; why did I carry so much stuff? My back and I thanked him immensely.

When I made it to the front desk, Carlos welcomed me the East African way, “Karibu sana!” And asked about my journey, I told him how I had gotten lost a few times. He apologized like it was his fault and took out a map of Nairobi City for me. He circled Nairobi Serena Hotel and asked me some of the places I will be going to while in Nairobi. He circled them too and marked out alternative routes to get to these places and handed me the map. I felt at home instantly.

When I made it to my room, I was pleasantly surprised by my welcome, a message on the TV screen; I appreciate that to many, this could be nothing but it was everything to me.

It’s the little things…
With compliments…

Walking into the bathroom, I could not resist the urge to weigh myself and a while later – a soak in the bathtub…

I saw this in the movie one time… They lied! It’s so hard to read a book when all you want is just sip some expensive wine, lean back, close your eyes and listen to the bubbles and your body appreciate the good life. Now THAT’s luxury!

I really wanted to stay in the tub forever but I had taken a glass of wine on an empty stomach, never a good idea just so you know. I reluctantly got out and weighed myself again, mentally deciding if I should look forward to dessert… Oh, the glass is very slippery when wet. The glass on the weighing scale, that is.

On my way to the restaurant, I passed by a number of guests meeting for business which is quite unsurprising as Nairobi Serena Hotel is situated just five minutes away from the city centre and the concrete jungle.

Nairobi Serena Hotel boasts of an international 24 hour restaurant, a Mandhari Fine dining experience, patisserie, gelateri, Coffee bar and teashop. I guess this should explain the weighing scale in the bathroom; not to get carried away with all the fine dining…

The Ethiopian styled Aksum Bar

It was sea food night when I visited. Why didn’t I take a photo of the food? It’s simply frustrating that I never remember these exotic foods’ names. The least I should have done was to photograph the heaven-in-my-mouth experience, but I guess I was so taken up by the taste I forgot… I do remember however, that it was some really nicely done fish served with really tasteful creamy sauce and a bowl of some exotic rice. Fancy stuff I tell you.

I eventually made up my mind about dessert. And while I was at the dessert table trying to gauge what would do less damage to my waist line, a nice pot bellied man – this is the only time I am going to use ‘nice’ and ‘potbelly’ in a one sentence – joined me.

Stroking his belly he said, “None of this food is fattening, believe me!”

“Really?” I said while pointedly staring at his stomach.

He smiled and told me that he left Australia 6 weeks ago and had gained 3 kilograms since. “But I am not worried. When I go back, walking my dog will whip me back in shape.”

I stared at the very irresistible assortments of dessert and said, “I think I might need to get me a dog as well…”

He laughed and said, “You’re young! Eat while you can, worry later!”

In my culture, we have this thing where we listen to and do what whatever our elders tell us to do. That said, I grabbed a plate and got me some dessert. “There you go! Enjoy your holiday Miss.”


Turns out I shouldn’t have worried as they have a state of the art gym and trainers that are equipped to whip any stubborn waistline back in shape.
And a heated swimming pool! Have you ever swam in a heated pool? Well, neither have I!

What’s really amazing about Nairobi Serena Hotel is its ability to mix business and pleasure so effortlessly with its dedicated world class event and conference centre suitable for product launches, weddings, private parties – name it. A business centre, taxi and limousine service then the Maisha Spa and health club, a unisex salon, babysitting services so you may catch a breather from the little one(s), family rooms and children’s dining… No wonder Nairobi Serena Hotel won Kenya’s Leading Hotel and Africa’s Leading Green Hotel in the just ended World Travel Awards.

Make Nairobi Serena Hotel your home next time you’re in Nairobi, one of Africa’s most dynamic cities and you will be within easy reach with Nairobi’s top attractions such as Nairobi National Park, the Masai and City market, the Giraffe Centre, the Railway Museum, National Museum, Animal Orphanage and Karen Blixen, a museum named after a Danish Baroness of the Out of Africa Oscar winning movie based on her autobiography by the same title.



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