The Colorful Kampala City Festival!

We had guests visiting  at office from South Africa; they were in Kampala for the very first time and they couldn’t believe how the boda bodas (motor bike taxis) made it hard for them to cross the road. I told them to stick around until the Kampala City Festival because the city cleared from traffic…

Kampala-city-festival-1I had never attended the Kampala City Festival and I felt stupid talking about something I knew very little about; so when 4th October came, I decided to give it a go.


Kampala-City-Festival-10This colorful event is organized by Kampala City Council Authority in line with its vision to be a Vibrant, Attractive and Sustainable City, it takes place every first Sunday of October to celebrate culture, unity and  provides a pool of opportunities opportunities and networking for business.

What a gathering! People from all walks of life flock this event. Businesses take this opportunity to shine and the rest of us took this opportunity to shop, eat street food, play kwepena and skip rope in the streets…




This year marked the 4th annual Kampala City Festival and registered more revelers than ever!Kampala-city-festival-2

Kampala-city-festival-3 Kampala-City-festival-4

Kampala-City-Festival-50 Kampala-City-Festival-51 Kampala-City-Festival-52 Kampala-City-Festival-55

Kampala-City-Festival-43 Kampala-City-Festival-45 Kampala-City-Festival-46 Kampala-City-Festival-47

At some point my friends and I realized we were walking, walking and photographing folks walking and walking… The sun was brutal, soon we had to stop and enjoy chicken pilau from the Ishita Restaurant, which was one of the best pilau I’ve ever tasted in a while…

Kampala-City-Festival-38 Kampala-City-Festival-39 Kampala-City-Festival-40


After all that walking and maneuvering, by the time I sat down in a matatu to head back home at about 8pm, my feet were screaming. It felt like I had walked a marathon! It was a good day; once again I had an opportunity to practise photography and show just how vibrant Kampala City is, thanks to the Kampala City Festival.

Let’s do this again next year…

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