The Tranquility That is Lake Duluti Serena Hotel!

There is something about the Serena Hotel properties; each property is situated in a unique scenery offering a traveler the possibility of  spending some time in the real Africa while still respecting the local ways of life. Indigenous blueprints and materials are combined with the most contemporary amenities and complemented by exceptional service!

Lake Duluti Serena Hotel is no exception; standing in the gateway to the Northern Safari Circuit and on the shores of Lake Duluti, Arusha Tanzania; just a twenty minute drive from Arusha Town and forty five minutes from Kilimanjaro Airport makes Lake Duluti Serena Hotel the perfect place to unwind before or after a wearying safari or just to get your princess on as was the case with me.

Lake Duluti Serena Hotel main building designed as a country manor house with a colonial theme.

Lake Duluti Serena Hotel has the theme of an old English farm house in the main building combined with that of an African Village within the guest room clusters.

There are 42 of these, each with a balcony to that boast splendid vies of Lake Duluti.
There are 42 of these, each with a balcony to that boast splendid view of Lake Duluti.
Good times...
Good times…
Le bed.
Le bed.




I was welcomed with a cold towel to wipe my hands and a glass of juice for my patched throat. It had been quite a hot day in Arusha, so both gestures were happily received. My check in was seamless and shortly afterwards, I got to see my room, shower, changed from jeans and a t-shirt into something more comfortable and went on a photography spree!

I was introduced to Godwill who was happy to show me around as Nelson Mandela wasn’t available; one of the guides is called Nelson Mandela. True story.





Travel buddy needed for future escapades!


Nelson Mandela and I, do you realize he has a slight semblance with the legend?
Nelson Mandela and I, do you realize he has a slight semblance with the legend?

I eventually got a chance to have a nice chat with Nelson about the history of Lake Duluti Serena Hotel and what to do when there. But first things first, why Nelson Mandela? Apparently, his parents admired the original Nelson Mandela so much that when they had him, they wanted to raise a little Nelson Mandela. I think they did a good job.

So Lake Duluti Serena Hotel, formally Hotel Mountain Village was established in 1988. In the place of the current main building stood the house of a Greek coffee farmer; Antony Jaquice. Serena Hotel took over in 2000, renovated the rooms and the entire property to give it that Serena Hotel oomph.

You’re never short of things to do while at Lake Duluti Serena Hotel – there is Mount Meru to climb, hike or bike depending on your fitness levels or whatever you’re in the mood for. 🙂

You can visit Arusha National Park, Mt. Meru National Park, coffee plantation tours – so you can see how they roast, brew and take part in the tasting, visit the Jewish Graves at the WWII site, with over a hundred species of birds, Lake Duluti Serena Hotel is a haven for bird watchers!

It so happens that one doesn’t need to break a bank to go away for a honeymoon  or that magical weekend at the Serena Hotels. They have a Lipa Pole Pole service where guests pay in installments towards their holiday. Let’s do something this coming Christmas, shall we?







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