This is not an easy one but I will give it a try. OK I won’t lie, food is my thing and I miss Ugandan food from the hot matooke that has just been freed from the banana leaves to that rolex with three eggs and two chapattis and to that spiced tea that makes you forget about whether the sugar is enough or  not. Uganda is a culinary paradise but you can only know this when you are away from all that goodness. After all where else can one go to a restaurant and order ‘emere yona n’enyama?

I also miss Kampala’s party scene. Despite all the troubles that my people go through, no one in the region knows how to shake it off and party like us. It doesn’t even matter whether one is at the big night clubs or at family event, somehow Ugandans will do justice to the word party (not your political party).

But then again, when I am in Kampala I can’t pretend about the fact that I find myself missing the order in Kigali. In Kampala sitting on a boda boda is close to Russian roulette and that makes me miss the more orderly Kigali motorcycles. I also miss the order that comes with commuter taxi transport in Kigali where commuters will queue patiently and then get to enjoy spacious and comfortable buses.

The thing I miss most about Kigali when in Kampala is the cheaper internet. I am not good at keeping tabs on exactly how much I spend on the internet but I know that some apps are best opened when in Kigali and not in Kampala. All said and done, I have always maintained that Kigali is a great place to work while Kampala is a great place to live. I hope that makes sense to you.

2 Thoughts to “#Ugandaesque – Kampala, what I miss and don’t miss about home…”

  1. Yakobo

    Nneda ddamu mu luganda. Nze sikufunye bulugi. Bikki byo kasukira ffe. Osanga kilungi tolina target. Kwegamba, toli steady.
    To tu “missinga”. tuyite tuleete paaaaahreeeeeh eri joli.
    You are also missed.

    1. Nze banange nga kyaliwo. Oyo Allan Ssenyonga y’eyagenda.
      Nga sikyakulaba James? Oli bulungi?

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