It’s not every weekend that something hot happens in the heart of our city Kampala and costs only five thousand shillings! Why are events so expensive these days? In this economy?

breakfastjam1Over the weekend, the Break Fast Jam finals took place at YMCA, Wandegeya. Every time I had to tell someone what my weekend plans were, they looked at me angazi.


“It’s a break-dance thing,” I said while I kicked my leg on the side and threw my hands up in the air like the legendary Michael Jackson.


The Break Fast Jam is an annual break-dance event held in Uganda and Kenya. It brings together competitors from East African countries and other parts of the world.


The event started off in 2011 as a platform for break-dancers but it has since evolved into a magnetic force that has also attracted other artists such as rappers, Djs, writers, photographers, videographers, visual artists and various dance styles artists.


Break-dancing, also known as b-boying, b-girling or breaking, is a style of street dancing that has gradually developed as part of a hip hop movement that was initiated by African American and Latin American youths in the South Bronx of New York City in the early ‘70s.


Break-dancers are also called breakers and b-boys or b-girls. Break-dancing is possibly the most common of all hip hop dance styles.


It’s speculated that back in the ‘80s, break-dance in its systematic fashion seen today, was used as a technique to settle disputes among rival gangs and served as a distraction from the threats of the city life.


Here in Uganda, the Break Fast Jam is organized by the Breakdance Project Uganda, BPU a brainchild of Abramz Tekya a rapper, a b-boy, change agent, educator, entertainer and speaker having been a member of one of the most legendary dance crews, Rock Steady Crew of New York City.

The flying dancer, this has got to be my favorite!
The flying dancer, this has got to be my favorite!

BPU is a youth centered project that works directly with young people of different backgrounds in Uganda, with a particular focus on those who are disadvantaged to give them hope and opportunities. The Project is centered on the belief that everyone can learn and everyone can teach and has the capacity to be a positive role model to others. The Project has been built around free break-dancing classes currently offered at the Sharing Youth Centre, Kampala and at Gulu Youth Centre, Gulu.


Break-dancing is influenced by a number of factors such as gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts and other forms of dance. Break-dancers showcased moves that required momentum and physical power to execute.

They displayed upper body strength and stamina. And I am a suck for both.

Before the Break Fast Jam, the only place I had “seen” break-dancing was when I used to watch America’s Best Dance Crew but like with most series, my interest waned. Boy did I love that series!

Hot heels!

A windmill situation...
A windmill situation…

The things the breakers can do, I can only imagine doing in my next life, which shouldn’t be the case seeing as the Break Dance Project offers free dance classes at Nsambya Sharing Hall. The usual excuse being, where will I get the time?

Like how is this even humanly possible?
Like how is this even humanly possible?
Or this?
Or this?

It’s no wonder that break-dancers are often in the most formidable shapes, all chiseled and cut… I love fit people, what can I say?

breakfastjam25From just watching the breakers dance, I am convinced that like with everything in life, their efficiency comes from believing in their ability to be and do plus pushing fear away…breakfastjam20

Tipping the hat...
Tipping the hat…
Must be nice to be able to do this move...
Must be nice to be able to do this move…


As the week starts, may we find the strength to hold ourselves up…breakfastjam26But above all, may we be unafraid to fall…


A happy and fruitful week ahead friends!


4 Thoughts to “#UGblogweek – Crazy Legs at The Break Fast Jam!”

  1. A pictorial review of the event, well done!

  2. Your camera finger also is the stuff of legends! I don’t think these people were dancing in slow mo!

    You just made me nostalgic for ABDC and Mario’s dimples!!

    1. Hahaha I was camera happy! Thank you 🙂 Oh how I miss Mario’s dimples! Sigh.

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