David walked towards Victoria who stood by her car, shifting her weight foot to foot, waiting for him to say something.
“Well?” she prompted.
“I have no words,” he said as he shook his head in awe.
“Are you surprised?”
“That’s an understatement! I wondered what your friend meant when he said you were pretending to make a living… This doesn’t look like you need the job Vic,” he said as he looked around some more.

“In the spirit of revealing things, may I make a confession?” she asked.
“Go on…”
“I actually don’t like being called Vic,” she said.
David was taken back by the revelation, “But you said you were OK with it.”
“Yes, I did and I am sorry. It’s just that, you were talking to me for the first time, I would have answered to anything.”
“OK, Victoria. Go it,” he checked his watch and sighed, “It’s getting late. I should let you rest.”

Victoria instantly felt the distance, “Would you like to come in for a cup of tea, a glass of juice perhaps?”
She looked anxious under the moonlight, her upturned face seeking out David’s in a plea.
David gave her a reassuring smile, “I wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome and turn into a bother, but I would appreciate a glass of water. The bench over there looks comfortable. Do you mind?”
“Not at all! Glass of water coming right up. Do you like it cold or?”
“Cold, thank you.”

David strolled over to one of the benches in the compound in a daze. He thought about Victoria and what he thought he knew about her. It didn’t tally. The Victoria at work and this Victoria were two different people. While the one at work was socially awkward like she wasn’t sure if she were proper enough, this Victoria was self assured, this was her turf and she could navigate it blindfolded. It was attractive yet intimidating. It was also sexy.

He sighed and shifted into a straddle position, laid his back down to face the moon.

“Long day, huh?” Victoria asked as she joined him with a glass of water in one hand and a bowl of grapes in another. David sat up to face Victoria.

Victoria placed the glass and bowl between them, David reached, plucked a couple of grapes and popped them into his mouth and sucked. Victoria stared at him with a racing heart. He rolled the grapes to one cheek, pushed himself forward as he took Victoria’s hands in his.

“Tell me.”
“Tell you what?”
“For starters, what’s with your friend.?”
“Christopher? Well, we grew up together. He tends to overestimate his relevance in my life. He’s the brother I never had but wish he would get adopted and leave our family for good.”
“Did you ever date?”
“While in university, I pretended to be his girl so he could make his girl jealous and win her back.”
“Sounds like a charmer.”
“You met him,” she smiled apologetically.
“And your family?” he asked.
“Am I going to tell you everything tonight? What will we talk about over the weekend?” she smirked as she pried her hands out of his to reach the bowl.
David reconsidered. He drank from his glass and asked, “how do you usually spend your weekends?”
“Doing this and that,” she said vaguely.

David smiled, “Sounds mysterious. Would you mind squeezing me into your mysterious schedule?”
“I would only be happy to!” Victoria brightened.
“Perfect, I will drop by on Saturday morning and make you breakfast.”
“What?” Victoria asked, grinning like a well-fed cat.
“Give your servants a weekend off,” David told Victoria.
“They’re not servants, they’re family,” Victoria argued, “also, they are already off for the holidays.”
“Is it safe to be by yourself? How long will they be gone?” David was concerned.
“Yes it is, until after Christmas.”
David stood, ready to leave. Victoria stood up too.

“Thank you so much for the evening. I enjoyed myself immensely.” David pulled Victoria into an embrace.
“Not as much as I enjoyed myself,” Victoria said as she hugged him back. David kissed the top of her head and swayed in silence to music only he could hear. Victoria closed her eyes, breathed him in as she listened to his chest.

David grudgingly let her go, Victoria was disappointed.
“Goodnight Victoria, see you tomorrow.”
“Will it be weird at work?” Victoria was worried.
“It will probably be weird for others to see us talk. Luckily it’s Friday, everyone will be self-absorbed with their weekend plans.”
“Okay,” Victoria wasn’t sure.

He walked towards his car while she followed like a puppy. David gave her a quick tight hug and got into his ride. The gate opened and David wondered about its mechanism as he drove through.

Victoria felt like David had left with a piece of her, today was a first of very many days to come but why did she miss him like they had been together for a while? She entered her house, washed up and got ready for bed. David called her the instant he crossed her mind to let her know he got home safe and wished her a good night again.

Victoria closed her eyes with a happy smile and dreamt about their extravagant and joyous wedding.

When her alarm went off the following morning, she groaned. She didn’t get enough sleep but then, she remembered last night’s events and jumped out of bed to prepare for work.

She almost skipped into office, eager to find David. He wasn’t at his desk. She switched on her computer and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

“Will you be my boyfriend?” she found Cleopatra, the administrator asking David. Victoria stood by the doorway, wide eyed. David saw and walked towards her, her phone rang and she walked away to answer it.

It was Christopher, “Victoria, it was nice to see you last night. You were more beautiful than ever. Listen, I could be a little over my head but I would like to have something serious with you. Will you meet me this evening and talk about our relationship?”

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