I admire writers, always have and always will. Writers have the power to create and to destroy. Writers have started and fought wars. But they have also created love, soothed masses, made us cry and laugh with tears.

As a child, my face burrowed in a thick volume of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, my devastation at my Dad’s demise was distracted for that time I flipped the pages, and returned when I shut it. I found sweet escape in making memories with George, Dick, Julian, Anne and George’s dog because I felt I was part of the crew. It also planted the seed of adventure.

I dreamt that one day, I would be able to tell tales, weave words that move hearts and you know, make a living while doing it.

You know how they say, dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening? I told myself that I would write like no one is reading… I started 2018 with a clear goal to write and post regularly, but it’s not easy. It’s even harder to write for money because you are paid to be read.

I even started a serial story that’s on episode 4! But the reality of adulting is a female dog. I find myself second guessing myself and in constant need to be reminded that Olive, you can do this! You got this Olive. Pssst! Small writing like this? Of course you can do it.

If you are here because it’s Friday and you expected to read Playing For Keeps – Episode 5, I love you. I am truly sorry, reality got in the way. I promise to woman up and make it happen next Friday.

But while you’re here, what do you think of David and Victoria? What do you think is going to happen?

3 Thoughts to “My Dream Is Colliding With Reality…”

  1. Matthias

    Is David going to propose? Waiting for their kids!

    1. We shall wait and see! Thank you for your support Matthias!

      1. Matthias

        You are very welcome!

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