As Uganda continues to lend herself as a top honeymoon destination in the world, her popularity as a wedding destination isn’t far behind. A few weeks back, my friends and I went to Speke Resort to you know, cause inflation in the area only to get distracted by the beautiful people in fairy-tale like wedding processions.

The aisle by the lake | © Speke Resort

It reminded me of the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to, which of course happened to be held at Speke Resort.  My friend Joe Owino got married 5 years ago but the memory is so vivid like it happened yesterday. 100 of us were prettily dressed, seated quietly by the lakeside, enthusiastically watching Joe and his bride drown in each others’ eyes as they vowed their eternal love for each other.

This wedding was a number of firsts for me, first – all my life, all the wedding services I had been to had been in churches, an outdoor service was so new and oh so romantic, like the stuff we only see in the movies. Secondly, they served nsenene as a snack at the cocktails! I know. It’s literally the small things.

A table by the lake | © Speke Resort

The lakeside provided a picturesque waterfront, the palm trees rendered a tropical feel, the breeze from the trees and the breeze from the lake had a union at Joe’s union with his wife. The weather was beautiful, the bride and groom were dreamy, the venue was like something from a dream, even us the guests didn’t sleep on the dress code – African royalty – everyone was beautiful. Joe said that even though they booked the lakeside because they wanted an outdoor wedding, the Speke Resort guys went ahead and secured an indoor alternative in case it rained at no extra charge.

The resort sits on a 90-acre estate of manicured palm trees, flowers and fountains, offering different options of wedding venues depending on your preference and size of the wedding. Just the outdoors, there are 7 options! Lakeside, Flag Mast, Mango Garden, Speke Resort Poolside & Commonwealth Poolside – sitting 50 to 3000 people. And for that small and intimate setting with big boy toys docked in the background, the Marina is a great choice for 40 to 70 people.

Ballroom Wedding | © Speke Resort

Viictoria Ballroom, Speke Ballroom and Commonwealth Ballroom offer you that peace of mind so you don’t worry your pretty head on whether the weather will make it rain or if your pretty shoes will withstand dancing on the beach or the grass (in which case, you dance barefoot but that’s me) The ballrooms host 100 to 800 guests. The bridal couple gets a complimentary free night in a one bedroom suite on a bed and breakfast basis. I don’t know a better way to kick-start a honeymoon.

So many have had just their photos taken at Speke Resort for it’s breathtaking views, the bridal team pays Shs 5,000 per head and experience a piece of their dream destination wedding.

7 Thoughts to “Getting Married at Speke Resort, Munyonyo”

  1. Roland

    Ah, now I want to get married just so I can do it from here. This place was vewy pwetty!

    1. It’s such a picturesque wedding venue! Please invite me.

  2. A white horse set against a bright blue sky and the lake beyond – oh my, that’s the stuff that dreams are made of!
    Speke Resort’s gardens are such a superb backdrop for weddings. My favourite part is the waterfall that you can walk right under or ‘through’ (without getting wet!)

    1. I know, right? It’s soooooo beautiful! The service is so wonderful too!

    2. I know, right? It’s soooooo beautiful! The service is so wonderful too! But I totally need to ride on a chariot on my wedding in this lifetime!

  3. But why are you putting these detailed plans in my head? Why Oleee???! Whyyyyy??????

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