I can confirm that the Airtel 4G network works

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Airtel 4G, offering a seamless online connection across the country.

Airtel Uganda recently announced its 4G coverage across the country with a humorous advert shot in the beautiful plains of Lorengedwat in northern Uganda.

Some still wondered if it was yet another advertising gimmick. To confirm that it was indeed real, Airtel took a few travel bloggers on various routes around the country to test its new creation, yours truly included.

airtel 4g

Our route was from Kampala to Luwero, Nakasonga, Kigumba, Bweyala, Kamdini Corner, Gulu, Dokolo, Soroti, Mbale, Jinja and back to Kampala. A recipe for a successful road trip includes great company, delicious conversation and fast internet! Streaming music along the way, the only limitation was our phone batteries that we had to sustain to give a blow by blow account of our Airtel 4G Tour.

Airtel 4g

Gone are the days when one wouldn’t hear from their loved one just because they traveled upcountry or couldn’t access their email until they got back to the city. With so many taking their offices with them anywhere they go, the need to stay connected with the world at any given time has been provided by Airtel’s LTE/4G network.

airtel 4g
Launching my billboard career…

Being able to check my emails, post tweets and update my Instagram throughout the trip confirmed that the Airtel 4G connection indeed works and it cemented Airtel’s leading position among Uganda’s telcom companies.

airtel 4g
Swiping left and right by the roadside.

4G stands for “fourth generation” following 2G and 3G from the past years, which means that 4G works better than its predecessors in terms of internet speed and general phone usage. New Airtel customers will be receiving only 4G SIM cards while existing customers can upgrade to Airtel 4G by replacing their old SIM cards with the new 4G SIM cards at any Airtel store countrywide and get 5GB free to jump start this new Airtel experience.

airtel 4g

You can find out if your Airtel SIM card is 4G by dialing *175*9*6# Your device has to be 4G and the network settings must be configured for LTE/4G.

Enjoy the world of fast internet by switching to Airtel.

airtel 4g
Spread the Airtel 4G cheer across Uganda.
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