MEN! That’s the new TV show on one of our local TV stations. I saw the preview a couple of times last week and I was so eager to watch it. I am so glad UMEME decided to be merciful, though I smell a rat. I foresee days without ‘kara’ but oh well, tonight was just too brilliant. The show was televising men, doing what they do best, being men…

Gosh, it was like catching the boys ‘gossip’ while in their locker room… I didn’t catch the beginning, I walked in when the moderator was asking the magic question, “What’s good sex?” I decided to sit down and hear the answer, I am so glad I did. Being a woman, well, I am curious…

Answers ranged from “payback”, “revenge”, “make up”, kwegamba their response was quite different from what I had in mind. There was this sweet guy who is most likely to get lucky tonight, he talked about his wife every other second with this dreamy look on his face hmmmm… Anywho

The way to a man’s heart, ‘through his stomach’, well, I knew that. What worried me was, one guy said that, every time he eats a woman’s home cooked meal, he’s comparing it to his mom’s cooking, now who needs THAT? We are different and we have different recipes, you can’t surely expect the meal to taste exactly the same!

Me and my other boys are worried about how long this show will run. Let’s think of topics that might interest a man, apart from sports and politics (I know guys that aren’t interested in either) – sex, food, money, cars, sex, plasma screens, sex, short skirts – in no specific order.

Speaking of short skirts, I was rather pleased when one of the guys mentioned the fact that, as much as they enjoy them, they really don’t like their women wearing them in public.

I really really wish I could crawl into a man’s mind and see what really goes on in there, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next episode of MEN. I need a man who works in UMEME, this way, the kara issue is sorted once and for all 😉


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  1. Amazing, and I assume you did not take any time to come up with this one considering the show started today.. but hey, did you really have to repeat the sex in the topics!? I mean you say sex, then food, money, sex, cars, plasma, sex.. seriously!?

  2. I was in the middle of a movie when about 9 people called or sent texts asking that I tune in to NTV’s men. I was curious, of course 9 people? Had I done something wrong, and was I the topic? (Paranoia helps). Watched it for a couple of minutes (2, actually) and went back to my movie…my thoughts on the show? You are kidding, right?

  3. U just had 2 walk in nga they r talking about sex…hmmm…i smell a rat 🙂

    ^^^^ is just a btw,i loved the article!!!

  4. the first episode didn’t fare that well but hey it’s only the beginning..i will give them the benefit of the doubt and hope that they’ll discuss a wider range of topics next time..the idea? most welcomed.

    1. Colin was disturbingly blunt. Emotions are overrated, feelings are overrated. But you gotta hand it to him, he waited 90 days. Mr. Mukasa- with the white goatee, why is he unmarried paka now?

  5. Hmmm… There are certain things I prefer to save myself from. I don’t watch TV but I watched the preview and knew instantly that I didn’t want to watch it. Such shows end up doing much more damage to men than insight into what makes us tick. Why should I spend my valuable time watching something that doesn’t “build” me in any way.

    @Dennis: Good choice.

    Oh, and there’s that other issue of not wanting to be embarrassed by some egotistical guy who thinks he has certain rights. I could go on and on about this, but hey, I rather not.

  6. Watched the show for a couple of minutes too. The guys and I had a similar debate, how long will the show last?! What is rather funny is that later in the night while we were having drinks, we started discuss almost a related topic 😉
    Oh well, I hope it gets better and runs for some good time. It would be helpful for the ladies to understand us a little better

    1. Yes, we’d like to understand you more. Sometimes we (the ladies) wish you (men) came with manuals. May be this TV show might turn out to be the manual we’ve all been waiting for.

  7. Firstly i do like the whole write up. Break a leg Ms. Branch. About the show, well i watched it regardless of trying to catch up with foot ball [ you know us MEN]. I liked the topic of Sex irrespective of what those guys’ perspective. But let’s give it time? Keep your eye on your screen.

  8. so this is what everyone was raving bout of facebook..and here i was thinking NTV had aired a porno or something. Im yet to watch the show but also worried about what topics will be covered after sex, then food, money, sex, cars, plasma, sex.. (yes i insist on your order)

  9. I didn’t watch the episode but one thing i should say is that your article is well thought out and it raises interest and awareness about the show. I look forward to the next episode.

  10. Hey miss Branch,

    I loved your review of the show. will it get better? yes, definitely! The topics will range from money, grooming, contraception, cars, in-laws, parents, success, etc.

    And yes, there are all sorts of guys out there. we are just a small select group of them

    1. Oh, thank you Mr. Prometheus 😉
      I love your topics, I can’t wait for them to discuss the in-laws and contraception. I wonder if they have a repeat. I wanna catch the start.

  11. I think the pick for the cast was deliberate..We fully know Uganda’s population is mostly youth Colin represents that age bracket of men hence more young people here will relate with him coz his views are exactly what we see going on currently ..Joseph the earlier era(guessing he is in his late 30s, early 40s) AND Ransom THE married guy speaking for the married guys , so we are able to get all spheres covered cause those three will all have different perspectives.

  12. Let me know when the next episode is airing am so interested gal… Thats if UMEME does not screw me up, maybe may not, ive heard the Bujagali project is finally generating power after 5years. Hope it saves us

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