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#MarryMeAtMunyonyo – Getting Married at Speke Resort, Munyonyo

As Uganda continues to lend herself as a top honeymoon destination in the world, her popularity as a wedding destination … 7 2694
The girl in this woman...

My Dream Is Colliding With Reality…

I admire writers, always have and always will. Writers have the power to create and to destroy. Writers have started … 3 1546
Fiction, Short Stories

Playing for Keeps – Episode 4

David walked towards Victoria who stood by her car, shifting her weight foot to foot, waiting for him to say … 5 1538
Fiction, Short Stories

Playing For Keeps – Episode 3

Victoria’s heart drummed against her chest. David liked her back, but… “If that’s the case, why have you been ignoring … 6 1591
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African Girls Don’t Wear Shorts…

2015 was the year that I truly unleashed my wanderlust, I find myself looking back to mostly fond memories with … 20 2306
Fiction, Short Stories

Playing For Keeps – Episode 2

David rolled out of his chair, stretched his 6 foot self as he stole a glance at his watch 5:55 … 6 1053
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A Taste of the #jambojetholidays with @FlyJambojet and @VoyagerBeach_Ke

I visited Mombasa for the very first time courtesy of Jambojet and oh what a treat! Jambojet lends itself as … 2 1843
Fiction, Short Stories

Playing For Keeps – Episode 1

“David, please love me back.” Victoria implored sadly as she furiously scribbled in her diary fighting back tears of an … 5 1388
Culture, Lifestyle, Travel

Drifting along River Nile…

There are some experiences that are too daunting to recount for fear that mere words wouldn’t do them justice, and … 8 1284

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African Girls Don’t Wear Shorts…

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