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Relationship Goals…

Relationship Goals OK! Let's see... I had (still have) writer's block, beat maker's block, I can't workout as often and as hard as I would love to, otherwise by now; I would be what someone would call a fitness godess. My nails are chipped, my locks have an afro, growth for

Croissants, abs and other obsessions…

  I just had my third chocolate croissant in less than 24 hours! I am starting to worry about the existence of my pair of abs. Yes, I have only one pair... I love love croissants. No. I LOVE croissants! Here is a secret, one of my favorite pastimes is staring at

Voices In My Head Before & After My Morning Workouts

I know so many people wonder how one could possibly leave the warmth, safety and comfort of their beds at the break of dawn to hit the streets in the name of fitness... I used to wonder the same thing. Until I joined the fitness family a few months ago. The

Of unisex steam baths and women kneading my boobs

This year, I plan to take care of myself. This will include a monthly visit to the spa; get my nails done, that massage, steam bath, all the works. I gave myself a head start to this monthly ritual and got pampered (or something like it) last month. I shared