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Birthday Season Finale!

I will have you know that I am typing this in an accent and occasionally using hand gestures! I spent about 5 hours with 2 English young ladies and an Italian guy with a doctorate in sarcasm. The English accent, Italian accent plus my basic Ugandan accent has given birth

Phenomenal Woman

I wrote this 3 years ago after Women's Day... Sometimes I surprise myself. Good to know that my dreams are still valid. Enjoy. While full grown women were celebrating their day yesterday, I received a number of calls and text messages wishing me a happy Women’s Day and telling me what

Of unisex steam baths and women kneading my boobs

This year, I plan to take care of myself. This will include a monthly visit to the spa; get my nails done, that massage, steam bath, all the works. I gave myself a head start to this monthly ritual and got pampered (or something like it) last month. I shared

On being a Princess and The size of men’s stuff…

  Studies show that, the only way to treat Writer's Block is by writing. Here's to the first dose... I started taking this fitness thing seriously mainly because, as a woman, when the time comes, I would like to be able defy age, feel healthy and look good at a moment's notice! A