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African Girls Don’t Wear Shorts…

2015 was the year that I truly unleashed my wanderlust, I find myself looking back to mostly fond memories with the hope that the future holds more of such escapades filled with curiosity and fearlessness. In the last quarter of that year, I embarked on an East African backpacking adventure

When Jinja Gave In To The Urge To Dance

Jinja Gave In To The Urge To Dance It's almost three months since Nyege Nyege International Festival took place in Jinja; about two hours from Kampala City in the eastern region of our beautiful Uganda. Jinja, famed as the historic source of River Nile has proved to be the adrenaline capital

I Crossed The Line!

Olive Naiyemba, Equator, Uganda, Tourism, Adventure,

"I haven't had a vibrant Monday like this one in years! I was too hyper. The weekend is to blame. Then your Kafunda article was published - I almost flipped! When are you taking me to that Sheshaz place?" I read the message with a stupid huge grin. My friends love the