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Surviving Valentine’s Day It still beats me just how much people make a fuss about a day that is not even red on the calender! Well, it is at least only one day in the year. Thank God for small mercies! I have not been on a Valentine’s Day date since high school when

What your relationship will not thrive without What your relationship shall not thrive without By Olive Nakiyemba. Posted  Saturday, February 2  2013 at  00:00 In Summary In a relationship, nothing is left to chance; you get out the exact amount you put in. Here are some areas you should be investing in. We have all been there, or at least longed to

Endless Possibilities   I’m always one of those people that just cannot wait to go through Christmas. Do not get me wrong, I love December; I share a birth month with Sweet Jesus and a number of close friends. We celebrated our birthdays every day for two weeks, it got old. There is

My Super Dad…

It's that time of the year again, Fathers' Day. I can't help the sadness setting in as I wish you were here so I could... So we could do something together. It's only one day in the year and I don't understand the fuss really. Still, I wish you were here.