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#TrySomethingNew – Rock Climbing

Rock climbing... My first encounter with someone who was into rock climbing was early last year at Nile River Explorers, Brian had the most calloused hands I've ever shaken; they felt like uneven wood. Because I was so curious, I asked him why. He told me about rock climbing; a

The Tranquility That is Lake Duluti Serena Hotel!

The Tranquility That is Lake Duluti Serena Hotel! There is something about the Serena Hotel properties; each property is situated in a unique scenery offering a traveler the possibility of  spending some time in the real Africa while still respecting the local ways of life. Indigenous blueprints and materials are combined

The Colorful Kampala City Festival!

The Colorful Kampala City Festival! We had guests visiting  at office from South Africa; they were in Kampala for the very first time and they couldn't believe how the boda bodas (motor bike taxis) made it hard for them to cross the road. I told them to stick around until the

The Start of Something…

The Start of Something... I finally took two weeks off work. I say 'finally' because the day I traveled was jam packed I was worried I would miss my bus. The day was similar to one of those in the Mission Impossible franchise. I woke up with a strange feeling of