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Of unisex steam baths and women kneading my boobs

This year, I plan to take care of myself. This will include a monthly visit to the spa; get my nails done, that massage, steam bath, all the works. I gave myself a head start to this monthly ritual and got pampered (or something like it) last month. I shared

Tales Of Gloom And Glamour By Ugandan Models

One of my New Year's resolutions 2014, was to get over my writer's block and write. Over the weekend, I shared a by line with Gloria Haguma on January 8 2014, in the Full Woman Magazine; a pullout in the Saturday Monitor. While the world has its eyes on Aamito

Endless Possibilities   I’m always one of those people that just cannot wait to go through Christmas. Do not get me wrong, I love December; I share a birth month with Sweet Jesus and a number of close friends. We celebrated our birthdays every day for two weeks, it got old. There is