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Kyaninga Triathlon – The Mighty Rim

I had never looked forward to something so much in my life! Oh well, I believe I said the same thing about my first trip to Kyaninga Lodge; this time it was different. I returned to take part in the Kyaninga Triathlon dubbed The Mighty Rim. Yes, I finally lost

Birthday Season Finale!

I will have you know that I am typing this in an accent and occasionally using hand gestures! I spent about 5 hours with 2 English young ladies and an Italian guy with a doctorate in sarcasm. The English accent, Italian accent plus my basic Ugandan accent has given birth

Part II

Last night, my worry was how I was going to max out my 7 by 7 bed. So I ended up sleeping across, diagonally, did splits... Today presented another challenge. I surprised myself by waking up at 7AM, then I remembered it was my birthday. So I rushed to the mirror to stare

Birthday Retreat, No Surrender!

This has been a year of extremes... I've been through the extreme lows & extreme highs. I have cried. I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life! But I have also laughed so hard. Sometimes I've cried and laughed at the same damn time! I have hated so