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Surviving Valentine’s Day It still beats me just how much people make a fuss about a day that is not even red on the calender! Well, it is at least only one day in the year. Thank God for small mercies! I have not been on a Valentine’s Day date since high school when

The Friendzone…

My first by line! Can't wait to hear what you think :) Why we’d rather not proceed beyond the friendship zone Posted by Olive Nakiyemba on Saturday, December 15 2012 at 00:00 So, Boy and Girl are wonderful friends. They share stories, go on “innocent” dates. Everything is peachy. Then Boy decides to mess

Sleeping With The Stars

I'll save you the trouble and call myself an involuntary groupie. I like to think that I am well placed. My friends are stars. I know good people. It's not my style to brag, neither is name dropping :-D They complain to me a lot. They get too much couchie than


MEN! That's the new TV show on one of our local TV stations. I saw the preview a couple of times last week and I was so eager to watch it. I am so glad UMEME decided to be merciful, though I smell a rat. I foresee days without 'kara'