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Playing For Keeps – Episode 3

Victoria's heart drummed against her chest. David liked her back, but... "If that's the case, why have you been ignoring me all this time?" she wondered out loud. "That's not true. Granted I didn't say or do anything, I was aware of every second you looked my direction. And every time you

Playing For Keeps – Episode 2

David rolled out of his chair, stretched his 6 foot self as he stole a glance at his watch 5:55 PM above his head. He hurriedly switched off his computer, gathered his paperwork into a neat pile, locked them in the drawer, grabbed his jacket, briefcase and made for Victoria's desk.

Playing For Keeps – Episode 1

"David, please love me back." Victoria implored sadly as she furiously scribbled in her diary fighting back tears of an unrequited love. Victoria never quite imagined that her love life would be in such a dire state. She was madly and deeply in love with a man, who seemed unaware of