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#Kilimanjaro, pole pole till you get there…

Kilimanjaro, pole pole till you get there... Why, oh why – they asked me. Just because. Because I remember this name from my kindergarten years. Because there's no mountain like this anywhere else in the world – an almost 6 km high cone standing all alone. There's something extraterrestrial in it,

My Love for #Tanzania

My Love for #Tanzania Setting off... I had always longed to visit Tanzania for as long as I remember. While in primary school, we had a number of students from Tanzania in the boarding section and they used to go back home only once a year, for the  Christmas holiday. Their parents

The Tranquility That is Lake Duluti Serena Hotel!

The Tranquility That is Lake Duluti Serena Hotel! There is something about the Serena Hotel properties; each property is situated in a unique scenery offering a traveler the possibility of  spending some time in the real Africa while still respecting the local ways of life. Indigenous blueprints and materials are combined