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My Dream Is Colliding With Reality…

I admire writers, always have and always will. Writers have the power to create and to destroy. Writers have started and fought wars. But they have also created love, soothed masses, made us cry and laugh with tears. As a child, my face burrowed in a thick volume of Enid Blyton's

The Dream Job!

The Dream Job! Freda, one of the smartest people I know once told me, "Every job is a dream job until you start doing it." It got me thinking, I mean; I can't even begin to count how many dream jobs I've had in my not so exciting lifetime but I will

Tales Of Gloom And Glamour By Ugandan Models

One of my New Year's resolutions 2014, was to get over my writer's block and write. Over the weekend, I shared a by line with Gloria Haguma on January 8 2014, in the Full Woman Magazine; a pullout in the Saturday Monitor. While the world has its eyes on Aamito

What your relationship will not thrive without What your relationship shall not thrive without By Olive Nakiyemba. Posted  Saturday, February 2  2013 at  00:00 In Summary In a relationship, nothing is left to chance; you get out the exact amount you put in. Here are some areas you should be investing in. We have all been there, or at least longed to