This could be us…

But you’re in the parking lot playing with your Samsung Note 3!

Most days, I leave my office close to or a little after 10pm because a) I don’t have a life b) I’d be sitting out the traffic c) the quality of the sound from my monitor speakers is insane!  Frankly speaking, I’d rather be in my office than sit in a noisy bar “having fun” or worse; the parking lot as is the purpose of this post.

Timothy*, a married guy in our office ALWAYS sits in his car in the parking lot from 7pm till… I’m not really sure what time. There was one time I left at 11pm and I saw him, his face illuminated by the screen light from his Samsung Note 3.

I really feel sad for him. I also can’t help but wonder; why? Why would he rather sit in his car and not dash off to be with his beautiful wife? (I’m assuming she is as I’ve never met her.) Isn’t he friends with his wife?

Maybe I am naive, maybe a hopeless romantic. May be I am a naive hopeless romantic . Whatever. I imagine my guy rushing to wrap things up in office to come back home to me; I’ll listen when he tells me about his day, not out of politeness but because I am actually interested…

Why would a guy rather stay in his car for hours on end than head back home?

Maybe the guys can help with this… What should we (ladies) do so that you’re eager to come back to us running from work?

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  1. Respect and acceptance. As long as a man feels his lady doesn’t bring out a marking guide on his conduct whenever he is around her, he will blossoom in her presence and always yearnt to be in it. Not even work or football would willfuly keep him away

  2. One does not simply socialize when one owns a Galaxy Note 3. On another note, mbu it’s better to live on the roof than to live with a nagging wife. Perhaps when he goes home (eventually), having sated his appetite for his gadgets for the day, he can then give his wife undivided attention.

  3. I actually hope there are days I have to drag hIm to work because he doesnt want to leave the house and I pretend to be annoyed and accuse him of’ intruding’ my independence ad then I moan about one thing or another but inside of dying of happiness (no pun intended). I know, I ‘ve put in a lot of thought into it though he seems to still be non existant ahaha

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